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I’m a parent, new home-educator, teacher, writer,wife, learner.  Bit of everything really, just like we all are.

I’m a mum to J who is 3 and an absolute delight.  I can’t remember life before him and I can’t imagine not spending as much time with him as I possibly can.  He has reminded me that the world can be an exciting place, full of new experiences and adventures under every stone, behind every couch and inside every book.

The decision to home educate was one we came to in a very round about way; we had never intended it – in fact, as a teacher still working in schools (although this is shortly to change!), I had always actively intended for J to go to school.  Having said that, I have always believed very strongly that the responsibility for a child should always lie with the parent and think the state have begun to take far too much of a role in family life.  It was things like the government dictating what could be in a child’s lunchbox, whether they were allowed to take any small amounts of time off school for important family events and an ever-restricting curriculum in schools which gradually pushed us towards home education.  It was a scary decision to make and even though we are right at the very beginning, neither my husband or I doubt for a second that it’s the right one.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think home education is for everyone, nor do I expect it to be a walk in the park but it is a journey which we are embarking upon filled with excitement, joy and wonder – with perhaps just a dash of trepidation!

I say that I’m a writer; I’m not a proper one.  I’ve always written down my thoughts in a haphazard sort of diary and write short stories, a few of which I have won online competitions for.  But that’s about it really.

If I could, I would read all day, such is my love of books.  To me, there is nothing better than falling into the pages of a good book, never wanting to clamber back out again.  Having J has shown me though that as magical as books are, there is a world out there to explore and that some forms of learning you can only get by being out there in the big wide world.  I’m always delving into something new and am hoping my eagerness to find out new things will naturally rub off onto J – he is definitely one enthusiastic, inquisitive little chap at the moment!  I am currently trying to learn German, am interested in Victorian history, particularly social history and have a vague interest in the history of the law (I studied law at University before drifting in primary school teaching)

I have been married to DH for just over five years and we live in Manchester with our Westie, 2 rabbits and Gerbil.


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